PHP Tips for Developers

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If you are a developer, these PHP tips will be of help to you.

Go for Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Any developer that has not delved into the realm of OOP is not only lagging behind but putting himself at a disadvantage. As implicit from the name, object oriented programming is a programming method that utilizes objects or classes that bring similar things together, easily  carry out the elementary production task and prevent repetition of codes. This will help building a good php mailer. Put differently, objects refers to classes which are able to assemble and tie a bunch of functions together in a wrapper which can be used for a multiple times without requiring the developer to rewrite the procedures as well as the functionality each time you want to do something.

In procedural programming, as the server reads the files on the developer’s server, there is always a routine to follow starting from the first point to the last point in a page. In OOP, the initial one or two objects instantiated are able to instantiate thousands, hundreds or a couple of others all of which have the capacity of carrying out some functions which depends on the variable the objects have. OOP does not use much server resources. It is not only simpler but also faster and easier to debug. It only requires a few codes and it loads faster. Another good advantage of OOP is that once you are able to figure out the primary principles, working with it becomes more logical. With OOP, you will be able to develop in style.

Avoid anything that ends in once()

Definitely, every developer is aware that include() is a warning sign in event of failure while a script with fatal error is killed in case of failure. However, one point that every developer should bear in mind about PHP set up is that the server does not find it easy with include once() and require Once(). This is a set up that we cannot change. We only have to accept it. So, always bear in that your server resources are killed by these things. You will not have any need for them if you properly plan your code.

Utilize A Framework When You Need One

It is important that you learn the operation of frameworks to simplify things for you. Though, some experts developers like Rasmus Lerdorf has advised against the use of framework because according to him normal PHP code works faster, but the truth is that framework sometimes can aid you in carrying out difficult things. Another advantage of using framework is that it will not require you to write bad code because much of it has been written by another person.

Protect your database

The safest and best way to protect a database is to utilize mysql_real_escape_string() for all database before adding it to the database. Using the function is the first step you should take in order to protect your database as it safeguards all strings with regard to quotes and other functions that have a negative effect on your database or those that have malicious code.